Fodboldtur i Brasilien

Fodboldtur i Brasilien

Om turen

Magnus er inviteret til at prøvetræne 14 dage i Brasilien og jeg hans far er taget med. I denne blog vil vi forsøge at skrive om vores omlevelser her.

Goodbye awesome Brazil!

FodboldPosted by Lars Andersen Thu, October 23, 2014 20:55:56
So this will be my last blog about our journey to Brazil. The reason for this is in English is because there are so many people I have to thank for making this amazing journey possible. First of all thank you to Douglas and your fantastic wife Tania and your two kids Gabriel and Rafael for inviting us into their home, for showing us around in Sao Paulo and for bring us around in the car. I guess Douglas your GPS was not allways working, not when your wife was sleeping, but your are the captain so you know best right :-).
Douglas your where there to make sure that everything went perfect, you did the best job in the world. Tania we had a very nice friday together with you in the malls and the park, thank you for everything.
Gabriel you are such a nice little man, very smart and not shy at all, keep being in this way and you will achive lot in your life. Rafael thank you for letting us know everything about japanese pop music, allways smiling and a happy little kid.

Renato, when I first meet you, I thought you where just a happy guy running around. Now I know that you are a smart guy and I know you will achive your goals in life. Thank you of my heart for letting us stay in your appartment for such a long time, for always beeing happy and to be on time. Thank you for giving us the chance to learn a lot about your soccer school, for meeting the wonderful kids and trying to teach them a bit about soccer.

In Denmark we say that it can be very difficult to become friends with a danish guy, but once it has happend you will have a friend for life! and this is exactly how I feel for your guys. Please know that the door to mi casa wil allways be open for your guys.

There are so many others persons that helped us a lot, Max took us around int the train and Metro. Max thank you for everything, I hope you will succed with your dreams of becomming a proffesionel soccerplayer. Kaika and Igor also helped us a lot, good luck guy, I also hope you will achieve your dreams.

Thank you to Claudia, Renato s girlfriend, for cooking for us, for drivning us and for translating for us. You have been so kind to us and I really hope you can go with Renato to visit us in Europe one day. All the best in your business and in life.

Renato and Douglas Papai and Mamai, thank you for picking us up at the train station and for washing our clothes. You are such fantastic people.

Thank you to the volunteers at the school for comming around to translate for us, when we visiting the soccer schools. Especially to Gabriella that used a lot of her time with us, you did a fantastic job.

We meet so many other people that helped us, we never saw anyone that did not wanted to help us, what a amazing country.

So many of you guys might wonder how about Magnus and the soccer. Sandro the guy gave Magnus his finally evaluation, he like him very much as a player. He has some areas where he need to improve and Magnus will go home and work on them. Sandro is going to follow him, so we never know what is going to happend in the future. Magnus has learn a lot of this trip, because Brazilian players are very different than we are used to. If you can combine the best from the two cultures, I guess you can achieve a lot.

For me it has been a fantastic trip, so many thing I have seen. Sao Paulo is a very busy city and it is so hard to come around, because of the traffic and so many people around. For me the city is interesting because of the people that lives there, because evenhough they have a hard working life, they allways are smiling, that is really amazing.

Goodbye Brazil, you will allways have a big place in my heart.