Exchange Student 2012-2014

Exchange Student 2012-2014

Being a host familie for an exchange student.

This blog is about having an exchange student for a year. So how is it so be a host family for a person from another part of the world.

New experiences

Exchange studentPosted by Lars Andersen Mon, October 01, 2012 10:02:58

The third week was going extremely fast. We all had a busy week, so stopping up shortly to remember the highlights of the week, then it must be, that Valentina found out that biking in Denmark can also be difficult as she felt and hurt her knee a little bit. Her jeans also got a hole, but I guess that is fashion, with hole on the knee.

Music seems as a big part of her life, she has music in the school and home she sings quite a lot. One of her wished is to learn to play the Guitar and as I have on standing, which I don´t use (my music career was very short smiley), she is starting to play it a little bit. It will be interesting to see, if she will spent time on practice this or it just will be a dust collector…..

Learning how to play guitar

Even though the autumn has arrived, we have to mow the grass, so Valentina got a chance to tried this for the first time in her life. The lawnmower can be a little tricky, but all in all it went quite well.

Cutting the lawn for the first time

On friday Valentina visited her contact family and that seems to have been a big success. A contact family is some kind of safety line for the exchange student. If there is something they don´t quite understand in their hostfamily or they can´t quite get along with their hostfamily, they can contact their contact family and they will try to help them.

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