Exchange Student 2012-2014

Exchange Student 2012-2014

Being a host familie for an exchange student.

This blog is about having an exchange student for a year. So how is it so be a host family for a person from another part of the world.

The importance of an election

Exchange studentPosted by Lars Andersen Sat, October 13, 2012 10:21:06

Now the first month has passed and I think that Valentina has adopted the Danish way extremely fast.

A couple of weeks ago I took Valentina and Clara to a Japanese show in Greve. It was a combination of the use of multimedia’s and comedy in a very Japanese way , done with a perfection that was amazing. I think we all had a wonderful evening.

In teather to see a Japanese show

We can feel that we are a person more in the household on the food budget, washing clothes and other stuff, but the importance is that everyone in the household participate in cleaning up, washing up, making the washing clothes an so on. Of course Valentina has the same duties and in this way she is also a part of the family and not just a guest.

On Sunday/Monday they had the election in Venezuela and Chavez won it. If this was cheating or really what most people wanted, it is difficult to say, but what I can say that an election in Venezuela is more important for the people, than in Denmark. In Denmark it really isn´t that important if on part or the other win. All in all it is almost the same politic and we won´t feel a big difference. In Venezuela on the other hand for many people it seems as this election really was about their future. So Valentina was really sad when she heard about the result of the election and she felt quite alone as it is difficult for us to understand the importance of this. We have had some talks about this and I can understand the worries she has for the future of herself, her family and her country. I think she is a strong girl and will certainly overcome the challenges she will face in the future.

Celebrating Joan´s birthday in a Chinese restaurant

See movieclip of Valentina

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