Exchange Student 2012-2014

Exchange Student 2012-2014

Being a host familie for an exchange student.

This blog is about having an exchange student for a year. So how is it so be a host family for a person from another part of the world.

Vacation in Germany

Exchange studentPosted by Lars Andersen Fri, November 02, 2012 21:02:17

Autum has now arrived and it is getting darker and wet. People get more tired and depressed, so what do we do instead?... we “hygger”. Hygge is the a danish way to compensate for this time of year. We eat a lot of tasty food and we meet and have a good time with families and friends. I think that Valentina is getting used to this as we almost every weekend have friends or go to friends.

Exercise is necessary when all the Danish food

In week 42 the schools are closed for a week, so the whole family took some vacation. Magnus went to the Nederland’s to play soccer and the rest of us went to Hamburg to spent some time in a big city and that was a nice little vacation. We went to Miniature World an amazing place where everything is made in small models like the airport, soccer stadium.

Miniature world in Hamburg

We also went shopping which was something Valentina liked, but when you love shoes and other things, but have to take care not to used much money, then it can be really difficult.

The harper in Hamburg

Valentina now got a hypercard, this is a transportation card for student, so now she can travel around without worrying about money for a bus ticket.

Halloween party at the school was her first party with her Danish school friends and this was a very different cultural experience for her. In Denmark the young people get quite drunk before they go to the party, this is different in Venezuala. As Valentina sayed after the party: “ I wonder if they can remember what we talked about on Monday”.

A Valentina pice of food Leverpostej and Salami, not typical Danish

Danish is improving very fast, the leader of AFS Køge was here for a visit and she was quite impressed the level of Danish she has learned in this short time.

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