Exchange Student 2012-2014

Exchange Student 2012-2014

Being a host familie for an exchange student.

This blog is about having an exchange student for a year. So how is it so be a host family for a person from another part of the world.

Rugbrød med leverpostej

Exchange studentPosted by Lars Andersen Mon, September 24, 2012 07:58:53

One of the things that you are told as a host family is that you have to learn the student to eat Rugbrød. Rugbrød is a Danish kind of very dark bread, which quite fast make your stomach full. Valentina very fast adopted to this kind of bread and lot of Danes love to put Leverpostej on. Leverpostej is a kind of meat from pigs and Valentina didn´t like first time she tried it on the welcome camp. In our family we buy the finest product, because of our son Magnus, who is very fastidious, so when she tried that, she really liked it and put it on all her Rugbrød for lunch!

A lot of things is coming to order, Valentina got her social security number (a number you need to go to hospital or doctor or talk to some community administration). She got her nem-id (a security system for banking on the web) and her youth visa card, so she can withdraw money from her account. Joan also went with her to the foreign police as she need a biometric card as id to stay in Denmark as an foreigner outside EU.

Our friend Robert came by with a lot of clothes from his two girls Cecilie and Marie and there was quite a lot that Valentina could use. She is properly the girl on school which has most t-shirts with “Roskilde festival”, which is a big festival in Denmark J. From another of our friends she got some boots for winter time. It is not that easy to try them on, when you haven´t tried boots before, especially when they have shoelaces. My mother is knitting a hat and a scarf, so soon Valentina will be prepared for wintertime.

Trying boots for the first time

I think that she is doing fine in the Danish language, she is working hard to improve her skills and we try to speak easy sentences to her. The tricky part is to hear the difference between the vowels, because they sound pretty much the same for her. When you practice Danish with a person that starts without any skills, you really start to understand how difficult our language is and you get many questions that is difficult to answer like what is the difference between “jo” and “ja”, why it is called “Vaske Op” and many many more, but it is quite fun to teach someone in your own native language.

I also think that the kids are doing fine together, especially our daughter Clara is very fond of Valentina. Clara is a bit shy about speaking English, but she tries and her English is improving, because now she can see a meaning about learning the language. She gave Valentina a present, she had made in school and I think that meant a lot to both of them.

The children having fun with a game of WII

Next week Valentina has invited her classmate Pil with her home, so that will be nice to say hello to someone from her class, also because it is important for Valentina to try to make friends of her own.

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